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Stawell residences

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2 Florence Street,

In response to the strong demand for housing in the Grampians Shire, Co.Develop built six two-bedroom residences in Stawell, Victoria. These homes are carefully crafted for comfort, designed to be eco-friendly and maintaining carbon-neutral operations.

6 Residences
6 months town planning
8 months construction

Residence design
2 bed, 1 bath, 1 car

Internal size
90 to 95m²

Our dedication to owner-occupiers has always guaranteed high-quality interiors. We adopted a saddleback design for each residence. By slightly setting back each bedroom from the other, we created more living space than a typical 2-bedroom unit while also maximising light into the bedrooms. Skylights and large double sliding doors were incorporated to bring light into the kitchen and living room.

Our homes are thoughtfully equipped with features that prioritise resident comfort year-round. Behind the walls, we utilised Insulated Concrete Form for its exceptional structural, thermal, and engineering qualities. A 28.5kW solar system spans the roof's length, complemented by a solar-powered roof cooling system that activates when roof temperatures surpass preset levels. Additional measures, such as foil-faced roof insulation and underslab insulation, not only enhance thermal efficiency but also mitigate moisture-related issues and noise transmission.

To optimise energy consumption, all appliances are powered by electricity, harnessing the energy generated by the solar system. Complementing this eco-conscious approach, hot water heat pumps and soundproof glass further elevate the project's sustainability profile.

Conveniently situated just a brief 2-minute walk from the main street, local shops, and the hospital, these residences offer both comfort and accessibility for their occupants.

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