Our Approach

A new development
in property

The Co.Develop process adheres to strict quality controls at every stage. It’s how we ensure the places we create – together – maintain value for each participant, for years to come.

A new way to own property at cost.
Discover our 5 step process:

We meet.

We’ll organise an initial meeting to get to know each other and answer any questions you may have. We’ll also ask some questions about risk and financial expectations. Establishing a relationship is how we set the groundwork for a future Co.Development.

We select the site.

When we’ve identified a site, we’ll send out a project summary which includes our initial feasibility, scope, capital projection and timings. We’ll contact you to gauge interest in the project, and ask for registration of interest.

We select the participants.

We share due diligence on feasibilities, planning advice, authority reports, and other documents, so you (and your accountant or advisor) can vet the project. We then meet with you in person to go over the project in detail. At this point we need to understand your investment capacity so we can complete a funding assessment to ensure the project can be funded by all participants.

We’re also invested.

As Co.Develop directors we take a unit in the project. This ensures a mutual alignment with participants. We share the same risks, and we are equally invested in the outcome.

Having finalised the participants for the project, bank accounts are opened, and the first deposits are made. This stage involves signing legal documents including JV agreements, partition agreements and the entity registration to ensure all participants are protected. You will also select your preferred unit on a first come first serve basis.

After the due diligence is complete, the land contract is executed and becomes unconditional. If required, we secure the bank funding on behalf of the Co.Development. The project is now live and as a participant you’re provided with monthly updates. When the land settles, participants jointly own the land.

Preliminary design & review

Every Co.Develop project is design-led with an architectural focus on liveability, sustainability and comfort. As a participant, you can review and provide input into the design. Because we are building for ourselves, we specify quality materials we know will last.

Town planning approval

Plans are prepared and submitted to local council for approval. This usually takes around 12 months depending on the complexity of the local government planning controls and the design.

Construction & finance

In the late phases of town planning, Co.Develop commences the technical drawings. We also organise a single construction bank loan involving all the participants. Once a competitive tender is completed, the contract is awarded to the nominated builder.

During construction, we keep you regularly updated with project images and status updates, as well as site visits.

When construction is complete, the property is now ready to hand over. The property is subdivided and transferred to each allocated participant. If required, you can secure a bank loan to fund the balance of your residence’s cost.

You now own your allocated property – developed together and delivered at cost.


Financial sense

Developing for ourselves removes layers of costs which occur in standard development. These savings are substantial, sometimes up to 20%. We want to help participants get ahead faster and enjoy more financial gain.


While every Co.Develop project is different, we always design with sustainability in mind. Not all of the below are appropriate for every project, but these are some of the sustainable initiatives we consider.

  • 01Operable skylights for ventilation and natural light
  • 02Solar panels for green energy
  • 03Northern orientation for maximum sunlight
  • 04Water efficient tapware for reduced water consumption
  • 05Energy efficient appliances for minimal energy consumption
  • 06Common area sensor-controlled lighting to reduce power use
  • 07High quality insulation for thermal comfort
  • 08Ceiling fans to balance air circulation
  • 09LED lighting to minimise power usage
  • 10Sound proofing to minimise noise pollution
  • 11Smart Wi-Fi heating and cooling to optimise power consumption
  • 12Rainwater tanks for water retention and reuse
  • 13Hot water heat pumps for energy efficiency
  • 14Cross ventilation for balanced air flow and minimise AC use
  • 15High-performance double-glazed windows to stabilise thermal and sound comfort
  • 16No gas appliances to reduce fossil fuel use

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