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Why did we create Co.Develop? To empower people to develop intelligently designed, well built, long lasting and financially secure homes. How? By working together.

Our story is simple. We wanted to help everyone – not just property developers – build property more efficiently, and at cost. After years of studying many housing models around the world, we created Co.Develop to provide more value for less risk.

The model we use is not new. This type of collective building model has been helping people own property for decades across Europe. In England, it’s simply called the Self Build Scheme. In Germany, it’s known as Baugruppen, and in Belgium, they call it Habitat Groupé.

Inspired by these models’ success, co-founders Michael and Ramali created a local framework that would allow Australians to share in the benefits of group property development – with a fundamental belief in the importance of architectural design, sustainability and financial prudence.

Our vision for Co.Develop is this: to empower people to share in the benefits of developing intelligently designed, well built, long lasting and financially secure homes.

There are many benefits to the Co.Develop model. For investors, it’s an effective way to build a portfolio and enjoy a higher rental return on investment; the uplift in any value on completion becomes equity that can be used to purchase the next property. For owner-occupiers, it delivers a short mortgage term with lower repayments.

Leadership team

    Michael Laing

    Co-founder and Director

    Michael was educated as an engineer, earned a postgraduate qualification in property valuation, then brought his skills to property development and banking. Over this time, Michael has explored many alternative routes to property ownership, always seeking better ways to create architecturally led and sustainability-driven property that provides optimal value for money. This was the genesis for Co.Develop.

    Ramali Laing

    Co-founder and Director

    Ramali is the engine of Co.Develop, overseeing the critical but less glamorous business and administrative side of property development. With multiple degrees and years of experience in operations management and marketing, Ramali ensures each development is streamlined and safeguarded at every stage.

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